This feature can be used for publishing content such as:

  • Online courses
  • Project or software documentation
  • Tutorials

The courses folder may be renamed. For example, we can rename it to docs for software/project documentation or tutorials for creating an online course.

Delete tutorials

To remove these pages, delete the courses folder and see below to delete the associated menu link.

Update site menu

After renaming or deleting the courses folder, you may wish to update any [[main]] menu links to it by editing your menu configuration at config/_default/menus.toml.

For example, if you delete this folder, you can remove the following from your menu configuration:

  name = "Courses"
  url = "courses/"
  weight = 50

Or, if you are creating a software documentation site, you can rename the courses folder to docs and update the associated Courses menu configuration to:

  name = "Docs"
  url = "docs/"
  weight = 50

Update the docs menu

If you use the docs layout, note that the name of the menu in the front matter should be in the form [menu.X] where X is the folder name. Hence, if you rename the courses/example/ folder, you should also rename the menu definitions in the front matter of files within courses/example/ from [menu.example] to [menu.<NewFolderName>].